Do a Bit of Good is the Worlds FIRST Charitable Giving Hub based on Bitcoin! We are a micro crowdfunding communications platform that connects non-profits and pro-social causes with their supporters in a very personal way! We combine a patent-pending screen-saver with a Bitcoin generation system that allows individuals to select among charitable causes that matter most to them. Organizations create campaigns and upload photo albums which are then downloaded by their supporters screen savers. When a supporters computer is idle, our screen saver displays the campaign images while working to make Bitcoins which are then donated to their favorite charities!

For example, animal rescue organizations can benefit by uploading pictures of eligible adoptable pets and link those images to another site that has more details and adoption next steps specific to each animal such as petfinder.com.

Go ahead and click on "Allie's" picture below to see what we mean!

In this way Do a Bit of Good helps support the core mission of animal rescue organizations by helping find "furever" homes for animals as well as provides a small residual income stream based on their supporters use of our screen saver.

While the images are being displayed on a subscribers screen, their computer will be working to help us solve the problems related to keeping the Bitcoin economy viable, otherwise known as "mining." If our system solves the current problem, we are awarded a share of Bitcoins which we then donate pro-rata to all of our organizational partners.

It really is that easy!

Best of all, its safe and FREE to organizations and their supporters!

So why not sign-up today and start doing a bit of good for your favorite charity?